October 10, 1998

House of Pain’s “Jump Around” made its debut between the third and fourth quarters of the night game, as CB Jamar Fletcher intercepts a Drew Brees pass and returns it for the go-ahead score in a 31-24 Homecoming win over Purdue. Ron Dayne carried the ball 33 times for 127 yards to pace the Badgers. Brees set an NCAA mark with 83 pass attempts and tied the completion mark of 55 while amassing 494 yards through the air.

Kevin Kluender was in his second year as an assistant marketing director at Wisconsin that fall. Kluender’s job at Badger home games was to cue up music and to work in conjunction with public address man Mike Mahnke. That season marked the debut of the “student section race,” a mock competition run on the stadium scoreboard in which the letters representing the student sections at Camp Randall Stadium (K, L, M, N, O and P) raced against each other. The race, always run at the end of the third quarter, was usually followed by music that Kluender selected.

Ryan Sondrup, a former Badger football player and then volunteer in the athletic marketing office, had (along with some other Badgers) come up with a list of contemporary music to be played in the stadium during games. That evening Kluender chose “Jump Around,” a song released in 1992 by a group called House of Pain.

Kluender, however, is not completely comfortable with taking credit for introducing “Jump Around” to Camp Randall Stadium. “The song was already in our computer when I got to Wisconsin,” Kluender said. “I’m sure it had been played before. But that Purdue game was the first time we did it in the format that we’ve maintained over the years.”