November 1939

An addition that added 7,500 seats on the east side and built the dormitory under the east side seats is started. The 1940s saw the inclusion of dormitories for students and military personnel in Camp Randall Stadium. The Works Progress Administration, initiated by President Franklin Roosevelt to help pull the nation out of depression, constructed the dorms underneath the east bleachers. There was enough room for 150 men to live, as well as a rifle range and boxing and wrestling rooms.


The dorms were initially occupied by naval trainees and, after the war, the dorms were occupied by student veterans. The living quarters were named the Schreiner and Baumann houses in honor of two UW students that were killed in Okinawa during WWII. The dorms were closed in 1951 and converted into offices for the extension department and later became the home to the athletic and military departments.